Saver or Spender

You are either a saver or a spender. At times we are both but we will gravitate to one direction most of the time. Of course if you are more of a saver these ideas might be old hat, or not. And if you are a spender, well listen up.

This doesn’t take much; $5 a month even works, it is the habit that you are getting into that matters the most. Saving starts with ‘not spending’ the money and it can be easier to save if you don’t ‘see’ the money:

Take it out of your paycheck first, automatically. Some banks allow you to have money split between accounts for your paycheck. But also 1% going to a 401k can do wonders, especially if the company matches 25-100%; that is free money.

If you get a raise, put that away before you get used to spending it. Sock it away in your 401k or have it moved to a savings account or the like.

Unexpected Money. Don’t use the tax refund to pay down your credit card bill; you may just run it up again. Don’t use the inheritance to buy a car; it will just need repair and higher insurance.

If that isn’t up your alley, then try some of these money games:

Round up in the checkbook. Everytime you write something in the checkbook, round up to the next dollar amount, when you balance you will always have extra in there. At the end of the month transfer the money to your savings.

Only spend dollars, NO change. If you receive change back, find it on the street, or in the cushions, DON’T spend it but put it away in a piggy bank or a jar of some sort that you can’t dig into with your hands and spend on soda pop or vending machines

An Old Boston Liberal

An Old Boston Liberal

This passage from David Hackett Fischer’s book Paul Revere’s Ride makes a point about the past that seems relevant today when considering the role of political blogs. Fischer’s point debunks the myth that Paul Revere was a “just a messenger” and indicates that he was really an important cog of the revolutionary movement, a liberal movement that Fischer describes as “open and pluralist” and made up of “an alliance of many overlapping groups”.  Of course, Revere was a silversmith by day, but away from his trade he was doing much more for the rebel cause, and it was more than a poetic midnight ride.  This has a feel to it, like maybe this is what bloggers did before computers, in a day when everything was closer, within physical reach, and people did their politics face to face.

As for blogs, people can choose to use them as they wish.  I see them as having an important role in directing the actions and messages of the movement, and doing so in an open and pluralist way, not in a top down hierarchical fashion; independent and distributed, yet coordinated and overlapping.  Fischer’s description of Revere as a ‘linchpin, communicator, coordinator, and organizer of collective effort’ seems apropos (heh) when considering the role of political blogs. It’s pure teamwork, where each role is small, even minuscule, but in the aggregate can lead to an essential outcome, in this case the shedding of authoritative conservatism in favor of an open pluralism.

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The Cost of Owning a Website

I seem to come across more small business owners these days that are paying high monthly fees for web hosting or options on thier website that they could get for much lower prices. This brief article is a look at the costs of creating, managing, and maintaining a website. There are times when the fees are reasonable and times when they are just extra expense.
Common Costs of a website

Site Creation $$$$
Domain Registration $
Hosting $$
Maintenance $$$
Content Management $$$
Advertising ?$
Search Engine Optimization $$$

Cost #1 – Site Creation
If one lacks the skills to create an attractive, appealing, functional website the money to hire a designer, developer, or copy writer may be well spent. How much you will pay hourly or flat rate for the project can vary depending on experience, project size, add-ons, and agreed upon scope of the project. The key here is setting a budget and finding designers/developers/copy writers that meet your needs. IF you insist on designers with 5+ years experience designing websites for major corporations, expect to pay them for that expertise. Low cost providers are available if your needs are minimal. I would advise against hiring your nephew/niece who just took a course in web development, as the time and learning curve may cost you more in the long run. Some may require payment in installments or 100% on delivery. Discuss this with your designer/developer.

A note about SCOPE CREEP – Put in writing what you expect hired individuals or design companies to achieve. Anything beyond the agreed upon objectives may be billable as extra costs. Discuss the budget frequently.

Cost #2 – Domain Registration
If you are going to create a new site, it may not be wise to pay for domain registration to reserve a domain name. Many Hosting companies have free registration of domains when signing up. You may have to agree to a 1 year hosting package. Do read their terms to see what the annual renewal costs are. Some domain registration sites offer minimal costs, but read the fine print and make sure you can justify the costs.

Cost #3 -Hosting
There are many ways web developers/designers or hosting companies can charge you. Here are a few brief examples:

a) Flat hosting – You pay the hosting company a monthly rate (or yearly rate) for the hosting service. You may sign up for short or long term plans at a fixed rate. This is great for those who can manage their own websites and want to deal with the hosting company directly. Discuss hosting with your developer to insure you are getting the features or applications necessary to support your site.

b) Resold hosting – Many web developers offer their own version of Flat hosting but add a markup for their customer service activities. Some even do it as a side business and just take the markup for an unsuspecting buyer. They buy low and sell high and hopefully offer added value.

c) Hosting + design Monthly Fee – Some designers may charge a flat monthly/quarterly rate for hosting and design services. This insures you will continue to use them or allows the site owner to spread the cost of owning the site over time, and the developer assumes the risk you will continue to pay him. The developer would generally mark this way up or require a down payment to cover incurred costs upfront.

d) Hosting add-ons – This is where things get sticky. Today there are many applications for ecommerce, chat, forums, etc… that are FREE!. Yet some hosting companies or developers charge outrageous prices for them.
Some hosts offering ecommerce will charge you for the store software, merchant accounts, design fees, and a myriad of other unexpected fees. If you are not web savvy you may pay more than you should. Discuss your site with several developers and get an idea of what it will costs to implement add-on applications and if there will be a periodic fee for these add-ons. Sometimes the pay services are worthwhile for those not utilizing a designer/developer. You should evaluate the long term monthly fees vs one time development costs. Shopping around will quickly identify those companies which are charging excessive fees.

Some hosts offer few features while others offer many. Low costs hosts may not offer databases, support for CGI/php/ASP, or easy install applications. They might charge you to addin these items at a higher rate than if you went with a higher cost host. Think about the future of your website and if you will ever need ecommerce, forums, chat, or other applications which require backend features.

Cost #4 -Maintenance
All websites will need occasional updates. If you do not have the ability, time, or inclination to update your site, please make sure you discuss this with your developer. There should be a written agreement between you and your developer about his charges after the site is developed and published. Some may charge an hourly fee for major or minor updates, fees for repairs or customer service, or a monthly retainer for services. It is up to you to fully understand your arrangement with your hosting company and developer.

Cost #5 – Content Management Systems
Content Management systems allow a set of defined individuals to add, edit, or delete content from a website. These systems are usually template based and allow some flexibility when creating new pages. These are especially useful for large corporations where many different IT and Marketing folks may be creating content.

For the small business owner content management can be valuable or a costly burden. Many of today’s hosting companies offer some sort of CM or back end site management tools. VDECK and HSphere are just a couple of the more common ones offered. Some CM’s do not allow you to create pages on the fly but rather give a full suite of tools to create or edit a page. Most contain text editors and directory tools. If a site is relatively static, CM is not likely required.

Cost #6 – Advertising
You may want to drive traffic to your site by paying for links. There are smart ways to do this, and not so smart ways. Link farms charge you to spread your links over several link sites with promises they will help the masses find you. This may or may not be reasonable. There are also pay per click ad programs which give you targeted somewhat prequalified traffic to your website which may be better money spent. Google adsense is the most common at the moment. You have little control over how much you will pay so do set a budget and measure results often.

Cost #7 – Search Engine Optimization
If you require high search engine rankings or heavy ad presence, you will eventually go down the road of SEO(search engine optimization). You will purchase the services of an SEO consultant, or software that mimics SEO services. Buyer beware! You can insists on pay for performance for the consultants to make sure their suggestions will make a difference. You must measure and determine value of dollars spent here and continue to keep up to date on the latest SEO techniques and fail points.

These are most of the costs associated with owning a website. As you can see you can pay a little or a lot depending on your skills, knowledge, or needs. A little reading goes along way for Hosting and Site Creation costs, but more is required to really save in the add-ons, features, applications, and SEO.

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